A New Title

I am in the process of a new story, which might become a book, and a new job, needless to say I have been pretty busy. I am also try to get another… Continue reading

Life At Nordstrom

Now that I’m working at Nordstrom I have days and days worth of excuses to indulge in my deepest fashion fantasies. With names like Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang swinging next to me… Continue reading

You’re Everything A Big Bad Wolf Could Want

  Sometimes when you write about a character you just can’t help to fall in love with them, that’s what happened here. Her name is Grailyn, a pre-med major attending a private college… Continue reading

Do Vegans Exist in Fashion?

I’m all for not eating red meat but I refuse to wear anything fake or faux. I find it cheap and tasteless, in a fashion-digest sort of way. I need substance and reality,… Continue reading

Essentially Pampered

Question: What is the largest organ of the human body? Answer: Your skin! And there is only one way to treat your skin, with love and attention, male or female. I take this… Continue reading

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Meet Jett

The writing process, more specifically character development, can be a very personal experience. ¬†For me, when I start to develop a story I usually have a solid idea of the setting and that’s… Continue reading