Essentially Pampered

Question: What is the largest organ of the human body?

Answer: Your skin!

And there is only one way to treat your skin, with love and attention, male or female. I take this very seriously and guard my skin against sun exposure and anything else that might damage or hurt it, like tanning beds.  I have a daily skincare regiment that I learned from my mother, that was passed to her by her mother and with it comes a little mantra; don’t feel bad about pampering your skin, take an hour everyday to indulge your skin and it will pay you back for all the attention. Truer words have never been spoken, well at least not about skincare…in order to have a healthy epidermis, in the long run, we must pamper yourselves now. So get facials or DIY, same goes for pedicures and all the way up to the care of your scalp. Though I would have to say the focus of most of your attention is our faces and I have a lovely little secret to my healthy, make up free complexion; pure lemon oil.

That’s right, you heard me! After using a buffing cleanser and water to wash my face, at night and in the morning, I apply lemon oil.  It reduces pore size/evens skin tone, as well as  reducing redness and pimple size (if you have one). It is also proven to reduce wrinkles and the possibility of getting them.  And if it couldn’t get better, lemon oil can also be put into water and consumed, I really enjoy it and the benefits, which include a better all over complexion.

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This was a clean face shoot, with lemon oil, amazing stuff!