You’re Everything A Big Bad Wolf Could Want

BCBG MA head to toe with the excepting for the bag, Henri Bendel with gold chain and leather handles


Sometimes when you write about a character you just can’t help to fall in love with them, that’s what happened here.

Her name is Grailyn, a pre-med major attending a private college in up state California for first nation students. First nation meaning children directly descended from a certain culture.  Grailyn’s father is Inuit and her mother is French, making her a unique mix of two very distinct cultures. And even though she might seem to lead a charmed life, it’s all a huge front.

Several months earlier she was living a wonderful life with her family in New York City when, not to sound like a harlequin romance novel, tragedy struck. Grailyn’s whole world fell apart around her and her parents, trying to spare her more pain, sent her away.

From the moment she arrives at the new university she feels a sense of peace and calm, mostly because of her roommate and soon to be best friend, Zonta. And through her story she encounters others who will test, push and challenge her very foundation.

One will love her, one will obsess and covet her and one will stop at nothing to protect her…

Grailyn’s style is just as sharp as she is. She loves color blocking and being monochromatic, in black or any bright colors; she’s not afraid of color. She values real and authentic, being drawn to one of a kind pieces that show her own individual style.