A New Title

From the pages of Vogue, September issue

I am in the process of a new story, which might become a book, and a new job, needless to say I have been pretty busy. I am also try to get another fashion film organized and I think I might try to use some of my new co-workers as character models, hope they get into it as much as I am. Honestly, I am becoming easily obsessed with this new story, it seems so fresh and new; I can seriously say that I don’t think that there is anything out on the literature market right now like it. And by lit market I mean the YA section, young adult fiction section.

So I have decided to share my story board for the fashion film, inspired by both the story and the new fall trends like color blocking, baroque patterns and jewel tones that pop like real stones. I went thought my September issue of Vogue which took forever, seriously it’s 916 pages! And took my scene blocking from article and campaign photos in the magazine. From the looks of my story board, I think this film is going to be the best one yet…

From the pages of Vogue September