Bio: I'm just a modern day Alice in Wonderland looking for my Mad Hatter, ah delicious confusion... And the best part is, I've discovered I'm my own Hatter Kaitlyn Marie Giguere is a student majoring in Writing and Fashion Merchandising. She has been preforming in plays and musicals since she was a child but has just recently gotten into film. Kaitlyn has been taking private singing lessons since 2005 and is a classically trained singer who is also well versed in musical theatre and contemporary music. Her range is a mezzo-soprano. Kaitlyn is willing to travel to audition and is very excited for future possibilities. "Mon Dieu! You make miserable! You really do, I want you to know that. Much as I love you, much as I need you, much as I can't exist without you, you make me miserable! Go ahead, throw me away. Spit on me. Revile me. I dare you. Cast me out of your intellectual orbit. Throw me out of you backpack. Pitch me in the airport trash bin. Leave me on a bench in Central Park. What do I care? No. I don't want you to do all that. Don't do that. DON'T DO IT! I'm so good at being bad, of course, the old slogan. If I haven't put that on a T-shirt, I'm going to. Actually, I really don't want to write anything that can't be put on a T-shirt. Actually, I'd like to write only on T-shirts. Actually, I'd like to write whole novels on T-shirts. So you guys can say, 'I'm wearing chapter eight of Kaitlyn's new book, that's my favorite; oh, I see, you're wearing chapter six-." "I want you to read every page I write. I want my prose to envelop you. I'd hook you into every memory inside me, every heartbreak, frame of reference, temporary triumph, petty defeat, mystic moment of surrender. And all right, already, I'll dress for the occasion. Do I ever not dress for the occasion? Does anybody look better in rages than me? Sigh"

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